Back to School

The Bully in the Yard

Gearing up to go back to school is always hard. It’s worse when you know you’re going to walk into the school yard and come face to face once again with a bully.

I have a memory of being bullied as a young girl, in Grade One, by other girls. All because I did not have the newest clothes. I didn’t know the latest fashions. I didn’t know how to be popular. I was to strange. To weird.

But that was before the internet. That was before cellphones with photo capabilities, that was before, and this is now.

The internet is full of stories of those who have gone before, battled down, pushed down, torn down, and eventually they could not handle it so they gave in to the temptation. They ended it.

So, we push each other. We tell each other it will get better. We tell everyone it will be okay. But we don’t address the bigger question. We don’t ask about the bigger picture. Why are these bullies there? What has lead them to be bullies? What is driving them to do what they’re doing?

The other question is, how do we stop it from happening?

These are simple questions, but they’re strangely profound.

And they’re not asked enough.

As we go back to school this month, we’re reaching out to you dear readers. We want to know if you have a story about being bullied, and why you think they may have done it, or if you did the bullying, what caused you to do it?

Send us an email, or send us a tweet. It’s back to school tomorrow, and we want to know, what was the school years like for you?


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