Anonymously Yours, Unwrapped.

Welcome to Anonymously Yours. 

Starting from the concept of community I began to work on the idea of this Podcast and Blog after listening to a few episodes of Sincerely X. a Podcast by Ted-X which I highly recommend. 

While Sincerely X is a great Podcast, it isn’t about Mental Health, but about Ideas, and there was a desperate need to a fill a gap for those of us who suffer from a Mental Illness. 

As an individual who suffers from both Anxiety and Depression, I understand the feeling of being alone when going through a depressive, or anxious, episode. It can be hard to reach out to friends and family, and it’s hard to tell someone “Hey, I have a mental illness” and not be met with the flippant remark of, “no you don’t, you just need to exercise.”

 Anonymously Yours Unwrapped gives us the opportunity to create a community online, a website to allow people to read others stories, understand that they are not alone, we all have similar experiences, even if they aren’t the same experience, we don’t have to experience it alone. 

Welcome to Anonymously Yours, Unwrapped.